The Pongelli Benedettoni Counts of Montacchiello
The Family

The Pongelli Benedettoni Counts of Montacchiello are a historic noble Umbrian family that has resided in Todi for more than 900 years and in Saragano since the late 1800s.

The noble history of the family business

For centuries, the company has been linked to the same noble family of Todi, boasting among its illustrious predecessors figures such as the thirteenth-century poet Jacopone da Todi, considered one of the pillars of the Italian language.

The Beginning of a Vinicultural Era:
The Sagrantino in the Saragano Estate since 1920

In 1920, Count Antonio and his wife, Countess Marsilia, introduced Sagrantino to the Saragano Estate, leading the agricultural enterprise with passion and innovation.

They established the new winery in 1921 and started bottling the wine, a family tradition passed down for centuries.

The Beginning of a Vinicultural Era:
The Sagrantino in the Saragano Estate since 1920

The Ghirlanda Manor, named after the floral decorations the village would set up during religious processions, was used as a hunting lodge during hunts in the Reserve of the Estate designed by Count Franco until the late 1970s 


1994: "La Ghirlanda" is born.

A Journey into Vinicultural and Gastronomic Excellence

In 1994, Count Riccardo transformed the former hunting lodge "La Ghirlanda" into a welcoming hospitality project.

Since then, he has led the company, which now spans 220 hectares, all certified organic since 1996.

In addition to the olive groves, which produce a precious oil, the company includes arable land and Chianina cattle farms.

On a hill in the center of the estate, at an altitude of 500 meters, 15 hectares of selected vineyards extend, representing the highest point of the Montefalco DOCG.

This privileged position ensures optimal ventilation for the vines, resulting in healthy and high-quality grapes.

"La Ghirlandina" Bistrot

Today, Countess Amalija is responsible for managing the Wine Resort La Ghirlanda, its renowned restaurant, and the Bistro of the winery "La Ghirlandina," as well as the cooking school with its organic garden.

The goal is to offer guests a vacation experience immersed in panoramic vineyards, where they can enjoy local cuisine paired with the great wines produced by the estate.