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A few places we suggest you visit.

A 15 Km / 8 Miles


Medieval town also described as the “most livable place in the world”, situated on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful Tiber valley.

A 35 Km / 22 Miles


As defined by Hermann Hesse “the most beautiful discovery in Italy“, a breathtaking town full of historical sites.

A 35 Km / 22 Miles


Major city in Umbria, home of many well-known artists such as Perugino, Pinturicchio and Luca Signorelli. A sought after international destination.

A 40 Km / 25 Miles


Town symbol of Peace, world renowned for giving birth to Saint Francis and from the year 2000 UNESCO Heritage.

A 50 Km / 31 Miles


Etruscan Town amongst the most ancient location in Italy, on top of a hill, is full of attractions including the beautiful Dome.

A 65 Km / 40 Miles

Cascate delle Marmore

Along the Velino river is one of Europe’s highest waterfalls immersed in a natural resort only 7 KM / 3.5 Miles from Terni.